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Accreditations and Certifications

Coming clean about cleanliness and infection control. Check out our Accreditations & Certifications.

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Since 2007, we’ve reduced our fresh water
usage by 65%. How refreshing is that?



Million gallons
of water saved per year


Thousand + items
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We bring sheets and linens to the bed.
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Ecotex Linen Rental Programs

Ecotex provides bed linens, toweling, patient gowns, scrubs, medical apparel and incontinent products as well as reusable operating room linens for health care providers. We maintain a large inventory of general hospital linens and medical textiles that we procure, clean and maintain as part of our complete linen rental program.

Hygienically Clean© Certified Linen
Have confidence knowing that your clinicians are being supported with Hygienically Clean certified linens laundered by a Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council accredited company.

Click here to view the up-to-date HLAC Accreditation Standards.

Laundry Programs for Hospital Owned Linen (COG) 

In addition to our Linen Rental Program, we also provide linen processing services for Customer Owned Goods (COG). Your linens are identified, weighed in and washed separately. Our COG program is designed so your linens are batch processed separately, ensuring that your linens are properly returned to your facility.

Specialty linens owned by the hospital like slings, OB/GYN, sleep lab linen, etc. are processed in our Specialty Department. This allows us to offer special handling and laundry processing for individually tracked items.

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Linen Utilization Management

Logistex©, our onsite linen management service will cut your costs by lowering your linen usage, and distributing the linen throughout your facility. Logistex© allows you to focus your time and resources on patient care.

Ecotex Linen Manager (ELM©), our proprietary web-based linen management software, provides your hospital with timesaving online order entry and linen consumption/cost reports. ELM© empowers you with useful information so you can effectively manage the financial aspects of linen use.

Learn more about how Ecotex can help you reduce linen loss.

Our Program Options

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Our Solution Products

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Our Outcomes & Results 

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Passion is at the heart of everything we provide.

Smarter Linen Solutions

Safe products we can all feel good about…
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Ecotex provides a range of quality flatgoods that will help create a safe and comfortable environment for your patients. Our linen rental program offers bed linens, toweling and other items used in the hospital setting. Click here to see all our Linen Rental Products


Ecotex offers a collection of high-quality hospital garments; scrubs, patient gowns and other items that will help you create a safe and comfortable environment for your clinicians and your patients. Click here to see all our Linen Rental Products

Specialty Textiles

We also offer a range of specialty textile products. Smart products that help you address everyday situations in your facility. Click here to see all our Linen Rental Products


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